Philosophy of TNC Clinic

With 35 year experience in beauty and the continual engagement in this field with the very well increasing responses from the clients, the intention to apply the accumulated knowledge to be more beneficial public is aroused. Not only the surgery for external correction but our clinic also considers the prevention and repairing internal system of the body. With this concept, we will have a healthy, balance, youthful and happy life. “Because Life Have No Copy”. Type of Clinic

Cosmetic Surgery and Rejuvenation Clinic

We service on cosmetics, health rehabilitation, anti-aging and rejuvenation with conventional medicine and alternative medicine. It is the third dimension (Health Promotion) of Ministry of Public Health that providing service for the whole body by repairing appearance and reinforcing internal health to become more beautiful, balance and juvenescent with the four services:

  1. Cosmetic Surgery
  2. Skin and Laser
  3. Body-Shape Contour
  4. Anti-Aging and Homeopathy

The two branches of TNC Clinic are

  1. Phahon Yothin Soi 2
  2. Nakhon Pathom (TNC Reju)

It is operating by Dr. Thanavatt Chotima and teams who have experience in cosmetic surgery for 25 years and are aware of the complications and individual balance. Therefore, medical knowledge, arts, experience and skills are integrated to grant the perfect result. Therefore, the following factors are in priority.

  1. Service with experienced physician.
  2. Give importance to examination, consultation and analysis with the client before treatment.
  3. Safety of the client is a top priority.
  4. Follow up the result after surgery at least 3 months.
  5. Change your appearance for your good-looking and confidence.