IP Light Plus laser for red marks, black marks and acnes
IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Laser is the high intensity light that has the length at 500-1,200 nanometer released at a short range to solve skin problem, particularly inflammatory acne to reduce inflammation, black marks, and red marks. Doctor will set the machine value to adjust the light to suit skin condition and the problem of each patient. Energy from IPL will demolish target cells and protein in the red marks, black marks, glooming or the veins specifically. Spots or blemish will fade away, lines and wrinkles, acne vulgaris, wide pores, rough skin or inflammatory acne problem will be solved.

Fractional Laser (Sellas) Red marks and Clear facial skin
Fractional Laser (Sellas) is the laser to repair the depressed fibrotic scar and acne scar, stimulate collagen production and reduce wrinkles. Sellas or known as fraxel laser gives Mid-Infared light that the dermis tissues can absorb very well. Sellas laser alerts the heat under the hypodermis to stimulate the new collagen production. The change from the new collagen helps to shallow the depressed fibrotic scar and reduce lines and wrinkles after 4-6 times of treatment without bleeding. Besides, laser can be adjusted the depth and intensity to suit complexion and problems. Fractional laser is certified by USA FDA that it has the efficiency equal to Fraxel Restore. It makes the change since the first time treatment. However, the treatment result depends on individual condition.

Phono-Plus for Acne scar and Clear Face 
This is the method to impulse medicine or vitamin to skin layer to brighten skin and reduce wrinkles by using Ultra-Sound, the high frequency sound wave. It is suitable for general skin condition and allergic skin. During the treatment, the facial skin will be warm. With the Ultra-Sound, it is able to impulse the medicine, vitamin and cream to all kind of skins without the conductor as IONTO. Therefore, it brightens the face, reduces acne scare. The treatment takes about 30 minutes. The skin will be warm and becomes healthy-looking. Apply nourishing cream or sunscreen after treatment and all activities are allowed as normal. Avoid the strong sunlight or apply sunscreen everytime. Apply the treatment at least once a week or as often as you need. The change will happen after the first treatment and will gradually obvious from the third treatment depending on the individual condition.

Jet Peel
It is skin exfoliation innovation by combining saline and oxygen to become the liquid and jetting with high water pressure as water molecule on the face with high speed. This cold-water spray will decrease facial temperature for 5-8oC that stimulates the temperature control system in the body and increases circulatory system. As a result, it gently exfoliates skin. Furthermore, oxygen in spray stimulates lymph node to function and detoxify the toxin in skin. It is a 30 minutes process. After that, it is a skin treatment step by applying vitamin, essential skin nutrient, or whitening vitamin. Skin will be soft and bright after the first treatment. Apply the treatment at least once a week or as often as you need.

** Result depends on the individual skin condition