CELL THERAPY (Cell Therapy)


Rehabilitation with Cell Therapy
One of the causes of illness and senility that is unavoidable is cells degeneration. Our cells die and regenerate everyday. When the age increases, the cells have less ability to regenerate. Furthermore, having more toxin or insufficient nutrient are the factors that reduce the new cells generation. Many diseases are the result of body degeneration such as Osteoarthritis, Age-related Macular Degeneration, Dementia or final stage of Diabetes that the body cannot create insulin.
With the advanced medical technology, stemcell technology has developed (Autologous stemcell therapy). It is the safe technology because there will be no resistance for the body immunity. Stemcell helps to regenerate the new cells efficiently, prevent the diseases caused by body degeneration. Nowadays, stemcell is storing for the future to ensure that we have good and quality stemcell when necessary. Stemcell can be taken from many sources i.e.

1. Bone marrow
2. Peripheral blood
3. Cord blood
4. Placenta
5. Adipose tissue
6. Baby teeth

Fresh Cell Therapy
Fresh Cell Therapy is well accepted around the world. It treats the person who has the disease and physical disorder that includes:
• Disorder from the senility
• Chronic disease from the organ degeneration
• Heart function problem
• Respiratory disease
• Asthma
• Joint and movement problems
• Unbalance or Disorder of Children
• Nervous System Disorder
• immune disorder