Upper Eyelid Surgery
Eyes are the window of the heart. No matter you are happy, sad, angry or in love, the eyes say everything. With this reason, everyone gives a good care to the eyes. One who has the big round eyes with clear double eyelid is the attractive person who the women with the single eyelid are envious. However, those who have blepharoptosis or who are unsatisfied with their eyes are able to improve them with upper eyelid surgery, which is the safe and uncomplicated treatment.

Surgery Steps
1. Before surgery, the surgeon gives the tranquilizer and the anesthetic drug at the upper eyelids to avoid pain during surgery.
2. The surgeon will mark the eyelid line as desired or as appropriate with the eyelid skin. The excess fat and eyelid skin will be removed.
3. The incision is 5 millimeter high or more if needs the thick fold. Levator muscle incision is made and fold the eyelid skin as desired.
4. Surgeon stitches the crease area with the fine sutures to avoid the visible incision wound. The crease after surgery is invisible in the new eyelid so there is no scar when open the eyes.

Surgery Duration and Recovery Period
The surgery takes about 30-45 minutes. After surgery, the patient has to stay in the hospital for at least 2-3 hours to observe the abnormality and injury before going home.

Post-Surgery Treatment
1. Two days after surgery, apply cold compress at the forehead and around the eyes. Put some ice in a clean plastic bag wrapping with clean towel and place it on the eyes to reduce swelling and stop bleeding. Swelling will disappear quickly depends on the cold volume.
2. 24 hours after surgery, apply ointment on the eyelid as recommended by the surgeon.
3. Take anti-inflammatory drug and decongestant prescribed by the doctor. Take painkiller if feeling pain.
4. Wash the face with warm water after 3 days.
5. To clean the wound at the eyes, dampen the cotton in warm water and gently rub the eyelid, apply cream or ointment prescribed by the surgeon.
6. See the doctor to stitch off, normally 5-7 days after surgery.
7. Wear glasses instead of contact lens during the first week or until the swelling gone. Wear contact lens has to pull the eyelid that may split the incised wound.
8. Swelling will be remaining for 3 days after surgery and will gradually disappear after 4 days. The eyelid will be obviously seen on week 4. Patient will be able to work as normal on the 3rd day after surgery.

Blepharoplasty is a swollen fat under the eyes that is normally blocked by the strong levator muscle. However, because of stress and increasing age, the fat swells gradually. Lower-blepharoplasty surgery and repair the flabbiness of skin and lower levator muscle is the best way to get rid of it. It helps to freshen up the face.

Surgery Steps
1. Surgeon gives the anesthetic drug at the lower eyelid and gives the hypnotics to prevent pain during surgery.
2. Surgeon will open the skin on the lower eyelid closed to the eyelash to remove the excess fat in order to flatten skin.
3. Suture to tighten muscle and skin under the lower eyelid.
4. Fine suture is used with the wound and is hidden closed to the lower eyelash to be invisible. The skin will be lighten and smooth.