Botox – Face Shape Adjustment, Wrinkles Reduction, Skin Rejuvenation
Face Shape Adjustment, Wrinkles Reduction and Rejuvenation

BTX (Botoinum Toxin)
Botox is the commercial name of bio-substance that is Botoinum Toxin A. It is from bacteria that help to temporarily relieve the muscle around the injection area. Thus, Botox is used for reducing skin creases such as frown lines. This is because when the muscle contracts, it will not clump when frowning. Moreover, it helps to adjust face shape such as lift up the eyebrow, corner of the mouth, alar reduction, jaw muscle reduction, wrinkles and etc.
Preparing before Injection
1. Do not take antibiotics or aspiring before injection for one week.
2. Stop taking vitamin, especially vitamin A, fish oil, ginkgo leaves and hot herbs such as Ginseng for 2-3 days before treatment.

Filler Injection
Filler or Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a compound of collagen in the skin. Collagen is the essential protein of skin because it is like a spring in the skin that makes the dermis tightens. In the younger age, the cheek is clear and tight. After 20 years old, collagen protein has degenerated and the spring does not function properly. Thus, the skin is flabby and the lines, wrinkles and skin salinity appears.

Face Shape Adjustment Injection (Focal Injection)
Face Shape Adjustment Injection (Focal Injection) is suitable for the person who would like to repair the specific part such as rhinoplasty, chin augmentation or filling under the eyes. The treatment result will last for 9-12 months.