Body Shape Contour with VASER (Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance)
It is the latest technology to remove the fat as much as liposuction technique. However, it is gentler, has fewer side-effects and the patient will recover faster.
VASER is high technology of ultrasound that can specifically eliminate the target (LipoSelection) without any harm to surrounding tissues such as nerves, veins and associated tissues.

How VASER LipoSelection works?
1. The area to have fat removal will be filled with special saline and anesthetic to prevent sore, reduce the bruise and bleeding.
2. VASER that has the 2-3 millimeter head will send the sound to attack the fat. It is put through the skin to contact the target fat.
3. The eliminated fat, which is liquid will be sucked out. The skin will be stitched and leave invisible scar because there is the equipment to prevent skin at all time during the process.

How efficient is VASER LipoSelection ?
1. It is effective to the unwanted excess fat on abdominal surface, arms, back, hip, knees, back waist, under chin, and thighs in one time.
2. Body shape contour for perfect and natural charming.
3. Reshape the part that cannot be solved with exercise and food control. Vaser Lipo Selection offers a perfect shape after one treatment. It causes less bruise and the patient will have fast recovery, do not need to admit to hospital and can return to work within 1-2 days.
4. VASER helps to tighten and recover skin quickly which gives the best result. Moreover, it has least side-effects, no rough skin or cavity problem as Liposuction in the past.

The position that VASER can apply to
1. Cheek, molar, under the chin
2. Neck and back of the neck
3. Upper arm
4. Breast
5. Back
6. Waist
7. Hip
8. Thigh, knee

VASER LipoSelection
1. Certified by US and Thailand Food and Drug Administration.
2. Has been researched from institutions and published in the medical journals.
3. It is safe, allows fast recovery and makes the perfect body shape.

Body Shape Contour with Liposuction
When the body have too much calories (mostly from sugar and oil), it will transform them fat and accumulate some excess fat under the skin. If the fat accumulates too much, that part of the body will be not proportional.

Liposuction is another interesting alternative for the person who would like to immediatly have perfect body shape without excess fat. Liposuction is the process of body shape contour by get rid of excess fat from many part of the body such as belly, hip, bottom, calf, knees, upper arms, chin, cheek or neck. Liposuction is the modern treatment that gives the immediate result. It can reduce excess fat from all parts of the body.

At present, Liposuction applies the technique that causes less bleeding. If the fat and water that is sucked out is not over 6,000, giving blood is unnecessary. Anesthesia or local anesthetic injection may be used depending on the suction quantity and position. Before surgery, the surgeon will draw on the suction position before anesthesia or local anesthetic injection. Then, make a small hole on the skin in the same size with the tube inserting for suction at least two holes at each position to make the suction flow constantly. Use the same hole for the surrounding area. After surgery, wear the elastic cloth or bandage for 2 months. There might have the bruise on the suction area, which will disappear in 2 weeks.

1. Bleeding
2. Infection
3. Hyperpigmentation on suction area
4. Rough skin
5. Overcorrection
6. Under correction
7. Scar on the suction tube input

Abdominoplasty - Stretch Marks Correction 
Women do not want fat because it destroy their confidence. At present, surgery technique has developed.
Spot Liposuction
1. The best choice to remove excess fat with the uncomplicated process. Local anesthetic or anesthesia is applied.
2. Takes one hour per one spot.
3. Inject the agents to the suction spot to melt the fat to liquid.
4. Use medical appliance to suck the excess fat.

Changing Face Shape with “Fat Grafting” Technique
Facial Fat Graft or changing face shape with fat removing technique has been developed for decade. In the past, there was the problem that when moving the fat, it lost. Thus, it was not quite popular. When the medical field has been developed to Regenerative Medicine, there is an idea that fat is the tissue which has the internal system for preservation, that is to say it is the cell with the fat inside and has the stem cell on the cortex. It preserves fat and substitute the dead fat. Thus, in order to remove fat, it should consider to move the cell that preserves it at the same time as well as add insulin, some growth factors or cortex cell of fat. As a result, fat existence increases to 70%.

After having face analysis, use blunt cannula to gouge before injecting fat (such as Rhinoplasty). Then, choose the position of fat suction: lower abdomen or external thigh, and inject the anesthetic before making a hole for 3 millimeter. Inject liquid that is the composition of anesthetic, saline and adrenaline and leave it for 15-30 minutes. After that, start fat suction. If it is needed to suck the cell cortex, make double fat suction, which has high cost. Then, use the appropriate needle injects on the desired position. It can be done on all positions on the face: cheekbone, canthus, forehead, nasolabial folds, under the lower lip or eliminate wrinkles. Because fat is the tissue of the individual, it is very natural and soft like general skin. However, it might swell in the first week. Do not apply a massage during the early stage because the fat will lose. It will be set within 6 week. Re-inject for 2-3 times and it will be completely set.

1. Fat cells are from the patient himself, so it will not cause allergy or have long-term reaction. After injection, it will connected and becomes the natural tissues of hypodermis. Moreover, it increases skin quality.
2. There is no cost for medicine because it is the patient’s fat whereas the expense for filter costs per cc.
3. Fat has Opaque yellow color so it helps to brighten skin. On the other hand, filter is translucent which may be visible as a black mark if the patient’ skin is light and thin.
4. In case of too much injection or having the mark, massage to eliminate it.
5. It is safe because the blunt needle is used. There is very small chance that it will get into the vein or cause the complications.

Disadvantages and Risk
1. Fat cells are alive. The size varies when we are getting fat or losing weight. Thus, the best time to do fat grafting is when we have no plan to lose or gain weight.
2. There is some impermanent effect on facial nerve. The face may distort and be numb for 2-3 weeks. It will recover after that.
3. If it is not the new technique, lot of fat will lose. It may cause the knotty skin and infection.