It is the natural treatment according to the concept of TNC to stimulate and promote the self-treatment from the cause of illness in order to live with quality and decrease the risk of illness. Thus, it is the medical practice that is very popular at present in Europe and America as same as acupuncture, Acupressure or Macrobiotics. Homeopathy is certified both in aboard and in Thailand. At present, Ministry of Public Health, Department for Alternative Medicine is promoting this treatment to be practical.

Principle of Treatment 
• Believe that the body can heal itself
• Toxin to detoxify toxin. If you have a symptom, use plants or substance from the animal that produces the same symptom for treatment. For example, if you have a cold and running nose, use onion to cure.
• Give medicine one time can make a change. The treatment will not give constant medicine but only once to stimulate the body to produce immunity.
• Give few medicines in order to alert the body to cure itself.
• Diluted medicine gives better treatment result and has fewer side-effect, particularly liquid drug. Pharmacodymamics believes that the shake will generate magnetic energy from the chemical substance, which is the major component of treatment.
• It is individual treatment concerns with symptoms, lifestyle, mental stage, emotion and dietary.