What is H.O.T.?
H.O.T stimulates oxidation in the body, which is useful to the body. Draw the blood for 50-80 cc. and contains in EDTA bottle. Pure oxygen will sequence blood sequence into foam format through UV spectrum. During the special wave, blood will have chemical reaction and will return to the body.

At present Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation is called 
H.O.T. UV or Hematogenous Oxygenation Therapy (Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation). It takes about 40 minutes. Draw the blood for 80 cc. and purify blood with UV spectrum together with filling oxygen until blood turns from black to red color. Then, return the blood to the patient. Have the treatment every week, 10-12 times a week.
After H.O.T. UV treatment, it is found that oxygen in tissues increases, circulatory system is better, immunity system is developed, inflammation decreases, resistance to radiation and chemotherapy increase and cholesterol hydrolyze increases. Uric acid and blood sugar affect cardiovascular system prevention, repair Vascular Spasm and against inflammation. In regard to chemical result, it is found that Cholesterol, Uric, Creatinine, lactic and fibrin in blood decrease. Besides, white blood cells, hemoglobin increases, electric charge of red blood cells increase and have lower blood platelets.
1. Detoxifies toxin from blood and remove fat from liver.
2. Activate the antibody production to increase immunity to body.
3. Increase oxygen in blood. The patient may feel that blood is better pumped to face and the body is getting warmer.
4. Reduce edema
5. Activate red blood cell production, reduce anemia
6. Relieve nausea and vomiting
7. Bacteria disinfection
8. Angioplasty
9. Enhance circulatory system
10. Reduce acidosis
11. Against inflammation
It was used with human for the first time in 1982 in German to recover a dying woman who had server septicemia within 2 days. H.O.T is a natural treatment without side-effect. It is widely practiced in Europe. Number of relevant researches are from Europe.

Contraindications of H.O.T. UV:
Do not apply HOT to the patient who has Coagulopathy, porphyria, sun allergy, Thyrotoxicosis and Acute myocardial infarction.

H.O.T UV Treatment is effective to the following diseases 
1. Diabetes, Varicose Vein
2. Nephritis, Ophthalmitis, Pancreatitis, Hepatitis
3. Varicose ulcer and malfunction of peripheral vascular circulatory system
4. Respiratory system disease such as Emphysema, Pneumonia
5. Immunological diseases such as SLE
6. Viral diseases such as herpes simplex, influenza
7. Bacterial disease such as Typhoid
8. Infectious disease such as virus, fungus, bacteria and other infection
9. Arthritis, Tendon inflammation, Muscle inflammation
10. Complementary treatment for patient with cancer (in German)
11. Patient with exhaustion and Anoxemia