It is the treatment with nutrient, vitamin, mineral and enzyme. In the normal condition, the body has many functions to prevent disease from:
• Lymph node
• White blood cells
• Skin condition
• Spleen
• Thymus Gland
• Stomach
• Respiratory system
However, the external factors has changed such as air, food and environment as well as the internal factors such as fasting, insufficient rest, no exercise, server injury, major surgery, and cancer decrease the efficiency of immunity. Thus, we have to reinforce the immunity to be efficient in order to prevent disease. Giving essential nutrient will help to reinforce the immunity such as vitamin, mineral, enzyme, placenta extract, bio-peptide, stimulants and stem cell.

Live blood Analysis
A small blood drip from fingertip can tell health condition
With fingertip blood cell analysis, you will learn the result of your nutrition from the first stage on the monitor while the expert is examining your blood cell via the microscope. Discovering the disease at the first stage is very useful since it can prevent the illness and symptoms as well as allow the person to search for nutrition knowledge and to have better well-being.
Live Blood Analysis Benefits
It reflects lifestyle, recreation and the tendency of disease from the major components as follows.
1. Digestive tract and Absorption from Gastrointestinal Tract to diagnose the digestive tract
2. Toxin in blood such as heavy metal compounds directly or indirectly received from environment
3. Balance of Gonadal steroid hormones
4. Free radical in blood
5. Immune system and SLE
6. Circulatory system system

Food Allergy Test
How do we know whether food is suitable for us or not? 
We can check if we have hidden food allergy to that kind of food or not by ourselves. Self-observe the abnormal symptom after having that kind of food. It is quite difficult to notice so making the record is recommended. However, the easy way is the blood test at Food-Allergy (IgG)
How Hidden Food Allergy (IgG) affect health?
• Headache
• Migraine
• Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
• Depressed and anxious
• Stuffy, running nose, asthma
• Chronic Cold Sore, acne and rash
• Constipation, heartburn
• Difficult to lose weight
• Muscle sore
• nausea and vomiting
• Gastric ulcer or Duodenum, Diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
• Immune deficiency such as Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), Rheumatoid arthritis