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Face lift
Lip surgery is the surgery to repair the thick lips to be thinner. It is popular among people who have thick lips. Generally, to thin the lips, local anesthetic is commonly applied to surgery. Then, use laser to cut the excess lip. Polydioxanone is used. The surgeon will hide the scar under the soft tissue in the internal lips to be invisible when smiling. The patient can go home after surgery. The incised wound swell for a week.

Preparing for Surgery
1. Inform about drug allergy record, medicine or supplementary food currently in use before surgery.
2. Consult with doctor and inform surgeon if there is congenital disease such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Asthma, Heart disease. Do not stop taking the medicine for control blood pressure or diabetes as well as the
3. Have enough food and brush the teeth.
4. Stop taking aspirin, ibuprofen and Vitamin E for 2 weeks prior to surgery.
5. Stop smoking for 2 weeks before and after surgery.
6. Prepare the shirt with the front button to wear easily.

Surgery and Types of Anesthesia
1. Give local anesthetic, remove some internal tissues, suture the incised wound inside the lips by using polydioxanone.

Post-surgery and Recovery
1. Wash the mouth with salt water or clean water. No brushing teeth for 3 days after surgery.
2. Do not use the tongue or hand to pull the suture in the mouth. Be careful of broad smile during the first stage after surgery.
3. Avoid sports that risks having the attack such as football, basketball or handball for 4 weeks.
4. Take liquid or soft diet.
5. Avoid drinking too cold or too hot water or food.
6. Lipstick can be used after 2 weeks.
7. Stop smoking for 3 weeks after surgery.
8. Drink lot of water using straw.
9. Avoid alcohol during two weeks after surgery.

Dimple Implantation
Dimple Implantation is the surgery that is very popular among women because it makes them become more charming and reinforces their confidence, particularly to the opposite sex.
Dimple Reconstruction – Dimple is the dimpled skin on the cheek caused by the suture of cheek skin and levator anguli oris muscle. Thus, dimple implantation is the method to imitate the dimple and make the suture at the muscle and cheek skin.

Scar Revision Surgery
No one wants scar on the body. However, accident is sometime unavoidable. When the scar exists, what should we do and how we treat it?
Repairing a noticeable scar to have less mark with the suitable surgery is appropriate for person who needs to revise the scar on any part of the body to look better, especially on the face that is the prominent part. It makes the person has less confidence and results in work performance. The scar generally caused by accident, acne or surgery (the stretch wound, flatten wound and the indelicate suture).

Hip Replacement Surgery
It is one of the surgeries that the woman is interested. Some may have small hip while some have big hip. This makes them feel uncomfortable and have less confidence.
Post-Surgery Treatment
1. Follow up after surgery, reflection and satisfaction assurance
2. No cost for any revision after bottom surgery with smooth or textured silicone. The perfect hip should have fit shape, not flabby and has the flesh near the hip. However, in slim or aged people, the bottom become flatten and flabby like men’s bottom.
Surgery Appointment
Contact the staff for cost and fill in the form for consulting or surgery. Staff will make appointment with the surgeon to give some advices and guidance.
1. Make appointment with the surgeon for personal consulting before surgery to allow the patient to understand the method, result and side-effect after surgery.
2. Surgery takes about 1.5 hours.