Erectile dysfunction
You may be the one who is facing this problem if you have following symptoms.
- Have less eroticism
- have no reaction or eroticism during sexual activity
- In male, having erectile dysfunction – ED
- Cannot reach orgasm
- Pain while having sexual activity

The causes and factors
1. Cardiovascular disease and circulatory system such as Diabetes, Hypertension
2. Low level of Testosterone or Menopausal period. In female, it causes by the abnormal or unbalance of estrogen, progesterone or testosterone.
3. Injury that affects the nerve controlling the erection of the penis
4. Some medicines such as antihypertensives, diuretic, antidepressants or combined oral contraceptive Pill
5. Physical illness affecting reproductive system and hormone such as liver and kidney dysfunction
6. Radiation
7. Lifestyle, smoker or drinker has more chance of erectile dysfunction than other does.
8. Stress, anxiety, guilty or fear of failure of sexual relations

Less self-confidence, stress, depression
Destroy family relation
Cause the distance in married life

Apply anti-aging method and holistic medicine

  • Rehabilitation and Toxification
    -Detoxify heave metal with chelation
    -Clean blood vessels with nutrients
    -Oxygen therapy via blood vessels
  • Supplementary food and Hormones Treatment
    - Special nutrients via vessels
    - Vitamin, supplementary food and herb
  • Chinese medical treatment and Acupuncture
  • Hormone Therapy
  • Homeopathy
  • Skin and Body Department
    - Laser, Botox, filler
    - Hair Removal
    - Hair Fall Treatment
  • Reduction and Slimming Program
    - Department of Surgery
    Repair facial flaw, breast augmentation, body shape contour, vaginal surgery, external revision, revise size and shape, sexual organ rehabilitation with own body fat injection.