Become more charming with Chin augmentation – short chin, round chin or unbalanced chin, we can change it! 
Chin is one of the organs for surgery because it makes the quick change on the face shape. Augmentation by the expert and skillful surgeon is safe and has less side-effect than the surgery that requires more recovery period. The surgical procedure is sterile. In general, people’s face has four bulging organs: forehead, nose, cheek and chin. The beautiful face will have these four organs in the balance positions. If one of those is bulging too much, augmentation or reduction help to balance it. To check whether the chin is balanced or not, draw the line from the nose tip trough the jagged lip at the Cupid’s bow to the chin. If it perfectly meets, this is the normal chin. If it is a little bit backward or forward, it is standard shape, not a problem. The “chin shape” that is very popular is S shape. If look from the lower lip, it is dimpled and curve to the lips with the perfect shape. The main structure of chin consists of epidermis, fat layer, mentalis muscle (emotional muscle), periosteum periost and bone. There are not many nerves at the chin, so it is safe and easy for surgery.

Short chin Treatment
1. Surgery by moving forward the chinbone.
2. Silicone Implantation
3. Filler injections. There are two types: inject with the patient’s own fat and with synthetic products.

Bulging chin (Bulging and over length chin) Treatment
Apply grinding technique in case of minor abnormal. If there is a problem on malocclusion, consult the dentist.

Double Chin/Frog lift chin Treatment
It is heredity or a result of overweight. Liposuction or Lipo injection technique is used. If there is too much fat or muscle split, muscle suture is applied.

Chin Dimple Treatment
To make chin dimple, suture chin skin through oral cavity. To repair chin dimple, apply Botox injection technique to loosen the muscle or Filler injection technique to fill the dimple.

Special Care Before & After Surgery
• Have the physical and mental health ready. Applying anesthetic technique, the patient needs to stop having meal or drinking water for at least 8 hours. If not, this is unnecessary, depending on doctor’s consideration.
• Have no disease that is the contraindications. The patient should not take haemostatic drugs.
• Beware of infection and keep the wound clean.
• In case of chin augmentation with silicone, the patient can go home after surgery. The chin will swell for 2 days. Apply cold compress regularly to the wound within 48 hours. It helps to recover quickly.
• Only fluid diet is allowed to heal the wound.
• Can put makeup on after 48 hours.
• Men have different muscle from women so they may lose more blood and take more recovery time than women do. Surgeon will check on the patient: fat, muscle, skin, chin angle and bone, to choose the best treatment.

Angle Mandible Resection
Women prefer the oval face shape to the wide, round or square face shape. To correct the part on the face may change the face shape structure. Thai and Asia people have the problem with the center and lower face; the bulging cheekbone and jaw that shape the square face shape. Thus, resection of the associated bone is required.

There are two types of surgery. 
1. Surgery outside the oral cavity through the mandible angle skin directly. External surgery is to make the incision on both sides of mandible angles to the jawbone and use the small medical device to saw on the desired position. It makes 2-3 cm length incised wound on both sides.
2. Surgery inside the oral cavity by hiding the incision in the gum at the back of the final tooth. Oral cavity surgery requires skill and proficiency as well as the special equipment that can cut the bone in the limited space. Oral cavity surgery will be operated at the gum behind the molar tooth to the corner of the jaw bone and adjust it as desired. The whole jaw bone can be adjusted so it results in the perfect curve jaw bone.

Surgery Process
1. The surgeon applies anesthetic to the angle mandible resection.
2. The surgeon processes the angle mandible resection as planned.
3. Suture the incision.

Surgery Duration and Recuperation Period
The angle mandible resection takes about 2 hours. After surgery, the patient should recuperate at hospital for 2 days for observation.

After Surgery Treatment
The patient needs to practice to open the mouth, especially those who has the oral cavity surgery to prevent the fascia around the molar and jaw.

Cheek Implantation
In case cosmetic cannot efficiently solve the problem of unbalanced cheek, the surgery to repair the shape of cheek is another possible solution. In case of the high cheekbone, cheekbone reduction surgery helps. In case of the low cheekbone, cheekbone implantation is required. The flat or small cheekbone is also fixed with cheek implantation to fit the face. The principle of cheek implantation is to implant the cheek bulge to fit with the existing cheekbone.

Materials for Cheek Implantation
1. Cheek implantation with the actual bone that is a part of the body such as hip bone or rib. However, there are some conditions and restrictions, especially this type of implantation makes the scar. Furthermore, it will not give the height of cheekbone as required. Therefore, this implantation is not quite popular.
2. Cheek implantation with silicone or other synthetic products. It is very popular today. The types of silicone used are the silicone sheet for surgeon to form in desired shape and the prefabricated silicone in cheekbone shape in different sizes. The surgeon will consider the type that suit the patient.

Surgery Process
1. The surgeon gives local anesthetic and hypnotic.
2. The 2-3 centimeter incision is made in the oral cavity at the cheek pouch and part the muscle on the facial bone to the cheekbone in order to make a space on the periosteum periost to fit with the silicone.
3. Insert silicone in the opened periosteum periost at the cheekbone. Stitch with polydioxanone. The surgeon may cover the incision with the plaster over the cheekbone in order to prevent the silicone moves. It takes time for silicone to adhere to the bone.

Surgery Duration and Recuperation Period
The surgery takes about one hour. The patient can take the recovery at home for 1-2 weeks before returning to work.

Post-Surgery Treatment
1. Lie down in normal posture and apply ice pack to the cheek during the first 24-48 hours after surgery.
2. Have soft diet to prevent the effect on the wound and infection.
3. All activities that may increase blood pressure are not allowed such as jogging, swimming or bending. The stitch will disappear within 7-10 days after surgery.